Racing at IMCC

CLASSES - 1/10th Scale

  •     NOVICE
  •     21.5 BLINKY  SPORTSMAN 
  •     13.5 BLINKY  STOCK
  •     MODIFIED
  •     1/10TH Scale GT
  *  MINI
  *  FORMULA 1


  * 1/8TH Scale GT

Race Day Costs 

$10.00 per first class and $5.00 for second and subsequent classes


The IMCC use AMBrc electronic timing equipment to time all races. Each car is fitted with a transponder with a unique ID number that is detected as it passes the Start/Finish line. You can use personal transponders made by MyLaps, or AMBrc. If you car is not fitted with a personal transponder, you can use one of the club provided transponders at no extra cost.


Marshalling involves standing at the side of the track, and putting cars back on the track after they have rolled, or become stuck against the edge of the track. All drivers are required to marshal the next race after their race.