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Eligible Chassis

Tamiya M03 or M05 series chassis only are permitted.


Any commercially available rubber mini-sized tyre, in any combination and/or compound, with any insert, and standard offset mini-sized wheels.


Bodyshells are open, with the following restrictions - No Modern (Post 1980) Touring Sedans and/or 12th scale type Wedge/Can-am Sports bodies.

Motor & Transmission

20, 18 OR 16 Tooth pinions only

Tamiya Black Can Sport-Tuned motors – 53068 (23,000 rpm max), or 13T/3000KV Hobbywing OEM/rebranded COMPLETE SYSTEM (Hobbywing OEM motor and esc only) with max 25 or 35 amp ESC and engraved /etched can. No modifications are permitted to motors. Removal of fans is permitted on esc's.


Cars must be assembled as per Instruction Manual, and no chassis/powertrain modifications allowed. With the exception of the included/optional differential which may be modified to give a locked/spool action. Aftermarket differentials/spools are permitted. One-way diffs are specifically prohibited.


A minimum weight limit of 1330gms (with transponder) will apply. ESC, bearings and Tamiya Hot-ups only permitted, with the following exceptions – Official Tamiya optional ALLOY Hot-up components may be replaced with an equivalent aftermarket part. e.g. Front/Rear Uprights, Heatsink motor mount, servo mounts, shocks, steering bellcranks and linkages.
Protective bumpers are permitted providing they are of essentially foam construction with no hard mounting points contacting the body shell.
Aftermarket rear body mount support/braces are also permitted. 


Any approved 6 cell Nicad and/or NiMH stick pack. Any 2 cell, Hard-cased approved 7.4 Lipo packs as listed on the ROAR website (